Why Your Doctor Can’t Cure Your Hives

Why Hives Treatments Fail

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Of course when you suffer with any condition the first place you seek help is your doctor, it stands to reason doesn’t it. Unfortunately your doctor may not be the best place to start looking for advice on how to cure chronic hives.

I know from experiences how ineffective modern medicine is in regard of treating hives, I spent many years in and out of the doctors and hospitals and yet after years of trying one thing after another my condition was actually worse, & here’s why:

Hives TreatmentMost of what your doctor prescribes for treating hives are synthetic drugs which are designed to mask the hives symptoms, it really is great to lose the symptoms so quickly, however it’s not so great when they keep coming back & they usually do.

Traditonal Hives treatment

Hives treatments such as Antihistamine & Steroid based medications are symptomatic drugs, this means they are only ever meant to treat the hives symptoms. While using such medication on a regular basis can often help you through each day, the long term effect can be problematic due to toxic build up left by the drugs which for some people make their hives much worse.

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  • Erika says:

    Hello Debbie,
    My name is Erika Soules and I have had chronic uticaria on and off for about 6 years. I first developed uticaria almost immediately after curing my blood problem. I had platelet problems, they were really low and I was in danger of bleeding to death. Over the course of 2 years I went in to get 3 different infusions of platelets at the hospital. After getting these 3 infusions my platelet problem seems to come to an end. However, a month later I developed a rash first starting on my knees then progressively covered my whole body. I was told it was probably a mild reaction to something and that it should be gone in a few weeks. A few weeks passed and I was still covered with hives. I went to see an allergist and was tested for every allergy under the sun. My results were that I had mild allergies to pine trees, pollen from several plants, and pet dander. Although I had allergies to these they were not the cause of my uticaria. I continued getting hives for another year or two and later switched doctors because of the insensitivity my allergist seemed to have. I moved on to see a dermatologist who was as helpful as he could possibly be. He told me I had chronic uticaria and that we would probably not find the onsetting cause of it, therefore I had it because of my immune system being all whacky. I have been to the mayo clinic and all I was told was that I had chronic hives. I have been tested for every disease under the sun and all of the tests keep coming up negative.
    I developed chronic uticaria at the age of 14 and I am now 19 going to be 20 in May. I am very frustrated with it and I am constantly trying to find a solution. I have had one or two years during the past six years where my uticaria has gone completely away. I seem to get it again right when school starts up and right when school is ending; because of this I have linked a lot of it to stress.
    This school semester is coming up to an end and of course I have broken out again. My regular dermatologist is out of town so I saw another dermatologist that works in his building. I am currently taking doxepin, fexofenadine, and fluconazole. In the past I have been on pretty much every antihistamine and medicine combination. I was even put on steroids for over a month. Of course this had terrible side effects on me; I gained about 40lbs, I was swollen, and it effected me psychologically. All in all I really do not like steroids. When I visited the dermatologist a few days ago he didn’t even hesitate to give me a steroid injection into my upper thigh. He said it usually clears most people up for up to 3 months. It cleared my chronic uticaria up for one day and then my rash came back and was a little different. It is more big red blotches and stings more than itches. I am thinking the steroids had a negative effect on my rash? Should I think of detoxifying my body? All I know is that I am so tired of this and I want others insight on things. It is nice to come into communication with others who are dealing with the same problem.
    Thanks for listening,

  • I really knew about much of this, but in spite of this, I still considered it was beneficial.
    Excellent blog!

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