Urticaria Treatment – A Quick Urticaria Remedy

By Debbie Pipter

Urticaria Treatment

Who Needs an Urticaria Treatment?

For many people Urticaria is a straight forward allergy…or is it? Through most peoples lives they will at some point experience an episode of Urticaria, the cause of such an outbreak might be something as simple as eating fresh berries such as strawberries, or perhaps an occurrence of Urticaria may be attributed to the use of a cosmetic or perfume, either way an Urticaria treatment is seldom required or sought.

In most cases these types of Urticaria outbreaks are referred to as acute. The Urticaria symptoms may appear as the direct result of a specific allergen and may dissipate just as quick. As mentioned most people will develop an allergic reaction such as skin hives (Urticaria) at some point.

The problems begin when Urticaria starts to become more frequent, and perhaps more worrying for no obvious reason, this type of Urticaria is normally referred to as idiopathic Urticaria. Even infrequent episodes of acute uticaria can be cause for some concern as they are often an early warning sign of the more serious condition called chronic Urticaria, which may become a problem later in life, this is when people start looking for an effective urticaria treatment.

This is how things developed for me, It started out with the occasional acute uticaria outbreak and then proceeded to grow worse as I got older, until my condition turned into chronic Urticaria and became a real problem, one I had to live with on an almost daily basis to varying degrees.This was when I began my search for an Urticaria treatment that would help my condition.

The following details are some of the methods I tried or had prescribed in pursuit of an Urticaria treatment. I will say that although some offered me some relief others weren’t as helpful, but that’s not to say they wont help you with your condition or at least offer some relief or reduction in your Urticaria symptoms.

Traditional Urticaria Treatment:

As far as traditional medicine goes, urticaria treatments are limited. In actual fact these aren’t even real urticaria treatments at all, what they are, are methods of reducing symptoms of the condition. While these symptomatic methods may seem like a good idea at the time of the urticaria outbreak they seldom achieve any lasting results, plus it’s also true to say that prolonged use of certain drugs can actually make chronic uticaria far worse.

Symptomatic urticaria treatments include the following:

  • Antihistamine is always at the top of the list of medication used to control urticaria outbreaks, there’s nothing wrong with antihistamines and they can prove effective in treating acute uticaria, but they are no match for an ongoing condition.
  • The chronic version of the condition may respond better to a course of steroids, although this still isn’t a long term option for a chronic condition.
  • For very quick relief & in limited cases your doctor may even give you a cortisone injection to disperse a serious attack when nothing else is working. However in my experience it is difficult to get your doctor to go straight for a shot, my doctor preferred to keep prescribing further courses of steroids (UK)

An urticaria treatment which might help:

I still wouldn’t call the following method a real cure, but as a short to medium term urticaria treatment this might help. I used the following combination for several weeks with some degree of success, until I found something better.

Use a combination of H1 & H2 Antihistamines to control your urticaria:

Taking a combination of prescribed H1 and over the counter H2 antihistamines worked well for me for some time, I know it has also helped many more people suffering with urticaria in the short term. You could try this method to control your chronic urticaria, especially if you have any type of event or special occasion coming up. I would point out however that this method should not be continued over long periods as the toxins from the medication may do you more harm than good. Although, not a long term urticaria treatment-this may help.

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Urticaria Treatment

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