Urticaria Skin Condition-Acute or Chronic Urticaria

Urticaria is commonly known as hives, it is a common dermatological disorder. The part of the skin that gets affected always appears as raised and circumscribed skin involving the itchy feeling.The skin becomes very itchy in those areas. Usually Urticaria stays for a period of about 4 hours but sometimes it lasts longer than that. Urticaria is of two types, acute or chronic. The acute Urticaria lasts less than a time of 6 weeks and chronic Urticaria lasts longer than 6 weeks time. The skin becomes red, raised and itches. They are mainly caused by allergies.

Acute Urticaria happens due to the triggering of any allergy. Chronic Urticaria that lasts for more than 6 weeks happens very rare as a result of any allergy. In larger number of patients suffering from chronic Urticaria, the cause remains unknown. This is called idiopathic. Among 30% to 40% of people suffering from chronic Urticaria, usually show autoimmune as their cause of the disorder. Acute Urticaria is mostly caused by viral infection. The causes that are least common for Urticaria or hives are sunlight or heat, temperature changes and friction.

The identifying symptoms of Urticaria are that the affected area goes pale when applied pressure on it and it is extremely itchy in nature. Some other skin diseases appear similar to Urticaria but consulting a physician or visiting the local healthcare centre?may help you to identify and cure Urticaria.

People mostly mistake the rashes caused by poison oak or poison ivy as Urticaria. Some rashes also develop due to contact with any person having a rash or urushiol. This kind of rash develops from contacts and it also spreads. Washing the affected area with a strong detergent that can dissolve oil or grease and cold water followed by applying ointment can provide relief from urushiol.

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