My Recent Chronic Urticaria Symptoms-Chronic Urticaria & Angiodema..Part 2

Hello again, sorry to split these chronic urticaria?posts up, I kind of start off all fired up, but then after typing for about half an hour I lose some momentum, plus I often think people get board of reading after a while, don’t you think.

OK, let’s continue talking about my chronic urticaria symptoms.. By the way I don’t mean this to be self indulgent, I just figured it might help urticaria sufferers who feel isolated or feel like their the only ones with the condition, that’s how I used to feel.


Recent Chronic Urticaria Symptoms:

My infrequent but severe urticaria-angiodema episodes continued for over 15 years, sometimes the urticaria attacks happened every couple of months, but more often the problem only occurred a couple of times a year. This same condition continued into my mid 30′s and then seemed to stop for around 18 months, no idea why, possibly a change in hormonal balance, who knows?.

I didn’t give this urticaria free period much thought at the time, mainly due to the fact that my urticaria condition was on the whole sporadic and infrequent.

But some time later I found myself wishing my urticaria condition had stayed the same, yes they were severe, but at least I knew that once the urticaria/angiodema attack had gone through it’s cycle I would be free for months. It was like the severe attacks were the body’s way of burning up all the harmful toxins and revitalizing me.

After this quite period things took a turn for the worse & I found myself living with chronic urticaria on a daily basis. I can’t be sure why the urticaria started again & neither could my doctor or the dermatologists, the best analogy I received was as follows.


Does This Best Describe Chronic Urticaria?

Imagine your body as a glass, the glass will only hold so much liquid, when the glass is full the liquid will spill out of the glass.

Now compare that to your body, We know that certain things irritate or act as an allergen for some and not for others, these factors are often referred to as toxins, the body is in many cases unable to dissipate many of these toxins (irritants), leaving them to build up, chronic urticaria could be the result of the body’s metaphorical glass spilling over because it’s full. Thus the chronic urticaria.

Of course there’s quite a lot more to it, but I happen to subscribe to the above analogy, it certainly explained a lot to me.

Getting back to my later chronic urticaria symptoms, well, this time they were different, I suffered with chronic idiopathic urticaria almost every single day. I didn’t get the urticaria wheals and swelling all over my body as before.

Chronic Urticaria Every Day…

No, from this point on my chronic urticaria manifested itself daily on my face and head. I suffered daily with lumps under my hair, urticaria wheals (rings) behind my ears and the back of my neck, on my forehead and down each side of my face were either lumps which looked like I had just been hit with a large piece of wood or something, or urticaria wheal, which were more like welts as they were still round but all the same colour.

These welts grew and merged like before, sometimes growing into large angiodema type swelling (lumps), only staying to on the side of my face and forehead, (I know, weird). Occasionally I would get swelling at the bridge of my nose and into the corner of my eyes, plus smaller lumps dotted here and there over the rest of my face (these were more like large under the skin spots)

So there you have it, these were my daily chronic urticaria symptoms, some days were worse than others, but there was hardly a day that went past without some form of urticarial rash on either my face, head or both, & that’s how it was for over a decade until I found a solution.


solar urticaria

The Sun Really Helped My Urticaria

-Until I Started Suffering With Solar Urticaria as well..

The only time the urticarial rash would disappear or become less of a problem was when I took my two week holiday in the sun, Apparently the high levels of Vitamin d absorbed via the suns UV really helps & it did for many years, until I developed a linked condition called Solar Urticaria.

Within 3 days of being in the sun I would come out thousands of tiny little hives all over my chest, shoulders and back, which basically stopped me being in the sun.. At this point I realised that I really had to do something about my chronic urticarial condition… That is apart from the normal traditional stuff, which in my case just didn’t work.

I should point out that Solar urticaria is not a major problem for me as I know it is for some chronic urticaria sufferers, mine only appears after about 2-3 days in the sun.

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My Chronic Urticaria Symptoms-Chronic Urticaria & Angiodema..Part 1




chronic urticaria

After starting to write this post I suddenly realised my acute & chronic urticaria symptoms cover quite a bit of text and quite a lot of writing, so the following symptoms cover my earliest symptoms, from my very first urticaria symptom at 16, through too my 30′s with severe urticaria & Angiodema.

All later symptoms will be in further posts…So please check back if this subject is of interest to you



Chronic Urticaria & Angiodema

Chronic urticaria symptoms vary greatly from person to person, rather than talk in general about common urticaria symptoms I’d like to talk about my personal issues with urticaria.

My Chronic Urticaria symptoms

Hopefully some of you will be able to relate to the chronic urticaria symptoms I’m about to talk about.. OK, here goes.

As I think I mentioned my condition started out as plain old acute urticaria, at the age of 16 I developed urticaria for the first time, unlike many people I didn’t get all the little bumps which some people refer to as nettle rash, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Instead I developed a rash which started as circles, the outside of the circle looked red and was slightly raised, inside of the red raised perimeter the skin was sore and pale.

The first time I developed the condition it appeared only on the back of my wrists, sort of the pulse area, I had just one on each pulse. I remember taking a trip to the doctor with my mum, and I clearly remember the doctor saying that it looked like ring worm, this was plausible at the time as we did have a cat.

Acute Urticaria-Urticarial Wheals

Anyway as this site is about urticaria, you can probably guess that the doctors diagnosis was incorrect, I sure wish it had just been ring worm. My acute urticaria episodes remained infrequent for 2 or 3 years, nothing major, the occasional rings and bumps, but nothing to really worry about.

Latter as I grew older my urticaria condition grew much worse, I don’t think it would have been considered chronic urticaria at that point as the outbreaks were not daily or even weekly, but they did become serious and very debilitating.

I cant be sure what the catalyst was for the more severe chronic urticaria attacks as I got older, although I do remember that these more severe urticaria attacks seemed to become more frequent as I started to drink alcohol in my early 20′s.

The symptoms of these chronic urticaria attacks developed as follows:

Scalp became very itchy, almost like lots of little pins pricking my head, after this (within 2-3 hours) my head would start to swell, lumps would appear all over my head, not little hive type bumps but huge lumps.

It always started the same back then, the urticaria lumps would rise all over my scalp (only under my hair to start with), then the rings, which I later found out were referred to as welts or urticaria wheals would appear quickly all over my body, but instead of remaining lots of rings or uticaria wheals, they grew and expanded until they eventually met and merged with the next closest uticaria wheal, this continued until all of the wheels appeared to merge.

These urticaria wheals were similar to the rings I had on my wrists when I was younger, however the inside of the raised ring or urticaria wheal was more of a red colour.

As the urticaria wheals expanded and merged my skin seemed to swell and become very painful, especially around the joints, such as the backs of my knees and ankles, which made walking a bit of an issue.

Chronic Urticaria & Angioedema

Urticaria & Angiodema Swelled my Face and Head So Bad I Didn’t Recognise Myself

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The urticaria welts or rings covered my entire body apart from my face, the wheels would climb as far as my neck and up behind my ears. Unfortunately my face wasn’t spared, although the wheals stopped at the back of my ears and neck, my face just swelled and expanded. I remember the first time it happened I looked at myself in the mirror, what I saw was remarkable, even shocking, why?, because the reflection wasn’t one that I recognised, the swelling changed the size, shape even facial features, quite frankly it was terrifying.

After numerous tests, visits to specialist dermatologists and years of infrequent but severe attacks like the one previously mentioned I discovered I had a condition called Idiopathic Urticaria which triggered or appeared with a separate but linked condition called Idiopathic Angiodema (think I spelled that right?)

See next post for my later symptoms, I’d love to here your comments, especially if any of these urticaria symptoms are familiar to you.

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