Chronic urticaria-Autoimmune Urticaria


Many of us suffer with chronic urticaria and in most cases our urticaria condition is called idiopathic urticaria, this is a big word which simply describes the fact that our chronic urticaria has no obvious reason.

After reading urticaria article after article and getting hold of a self help urticaria remedy, it became apparent that chronic urticaria in many cases is actually the result of an autoimmune disorder much like rheumatoid arthritis.

Idiopathic urticaria-What Causes Chronic Urticaria .. Part 1

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What Causes Chronic Urticaria

For many years my urticaria condition remained little more than an occasional inconvenience. I tried seeing the doctor a few times early on, but usually by the time I did get an appointment the urticaria wheels had normally gone, and to be honest the couple of times I did get to see the doctor were really just a waste of time.


chronic urticaria

Although they say that at sometime in almost everyone’s life they will experience an outbreak of hives (urticaria), they often forget to mention that the unlucky few may be saddled with some form of urticaria for the rest of their lives.

Chronic Urticaria Triggers



While lots of people may experience a rash like symptom to numerous allergens such as Strawberries or Shellfish for example, lots more of us develop unsightly wheels, swellings and rashes on an almost daily basis, and with no obvious trigger. Perhaps this is you?, It was certainly me for a very long time.. you probably already know that this type of urticaria is known or referred to as idiopathic urticaria or if the condition is with you a lot then it is called Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

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