Is there a Cure for Chronic Urticaria?

Chronic Urticaria Is There Is Any Hope ?

Find Out How I got My Chronic Urticaria Under Control

Most of us experience a case of the hives as an annoying, but very temporary aggravation. They appear as part of an allergic reaction and disappear shortly thereafter. They aren’t fun, but they certain aren’t debilitating.

That’s not the case for those who deal with chronic cases of the hives. These individuals often experience bouts of the hives that last more than six weeks. In many cases, these aren’t the small, slightly itchy bumps with which were most familiar. Chronic urticaria can appear in the form of large welts, in rings. It can be extremely painful, unattractive and irritating. It can have a massive impact on one’s overall quality of life and, unfortunately, it often doesn’t disappear after taking medication. Many people who suffer with hives wonder if there is a real cure for chronic urticaria.

Chronic Urticaria

That’s a complicated question. We know there are cures for acute cases of the hives. A combination of time, proper hygiene and the use of antihistamines or steroid-based medications can resolve the problem. We also know that these very same techniques do work for some sufferers of chronic urticaria. In many cases, they appear to be a cure for chronic urticaria, reducing symptoms to negligible levels and abating the return of hives on a regular basis.

In that sense, one could consider the traditional medical approach a cure for chronic urticaria. However, that strategy doesn’t produce results for everyone. As noted, some individuals find little or no relief from the usual approach. To them, traditional medicine is anything but a cure and can actually worsen their symptoms.

Fortunately, there may be a cure for chronic urticaria for these individuals, as well. It doesn?t involve the usual medications. Instead, it relies upon taking a different perspective on hives. Instead of seeing them as an allergic reaction, this natural approach interprets urticaria as the result of an immune system in the process of responding to toxicity within the body.

This outlook toward urticaria leads people to take actions that reduce the accumulation of internal toxins and that fight internal micro-parasites. This root level attack on the causes of the hives, in turn, results in their elimination. Many people consider this an outright cure for chronic urticaria and it is receiving more attention and is growing in popularity.

There isn’t a single cure for chronic urticaria, but there are a few different ways to approach the problem based on individual circumstances and responsiveness to treatment options.

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