Chronic Urticaria-Description of Chronic Urticaria Symptoms

Guest Post..Written by Paul Koing

Urticaria is a common skin disease caused by allergic reactions. It is commonly known as hives. Its symptoms are red raised itchy skin confined to small areas or patches. These areas of skin are extremely itchy and they blanch with pressure. Urticaria is of two types, acute or chronic. The acute Urticaria lasts less than a time of 6 weeks and chronic Urticaria lasts longer than 6 weeks time. The chronic Urticaria always brings misery to the patients and they also suffer from secondary type of depression, as the constant itching of the skin makes them embarrassed. It causes distress to the patients with its rash and itch. The patients suffering from chronic Urticaria rarely show a cause of the reaction. Mostly chronic Urticaria is caused due to unknown reasons, this state is called idiopathic Urticaria and 30% to 40% patients show autoimmune as a cause of chronic Urticaria. Patients go through a series of medical tests to reveal the cause of this disease and majority of them have autoimmune as a cause of chronic Urticaria. This nature of the disease makes the treatment difficult for the dermatologists as they find it hard to prescribe any particular medication cure for the patients.

Chronic Urticaria is an uncommon disease that can happen at any age. Among both the genders, women make the majority of patients for chronic Urticaria. The rash that occurs due to chronic Urticaria can be on any part of your skin. These rashes can be few in number but they can also come up on many different parts of your body. The rashes caused by chronic Urticaria are often circular in shape; they rarely take any other shape. As the rashes start fading away it leaves red marks and these marks fade away slowly after the rashes.

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