Urticaria-Wine Allergy

Urticaria Wine Allergy

urticaria-wine allergyDear Readers

First let me thank you all for reading, it really is great to see my little urticaria blog grow in popularity, thank you all, & please keep posting your comments & questions.

I wanted to do a few quick posts on very common urticaria causes or triggers which I hope will help you reduce your urticaria outbreaks.

Urticaria Caused by Wine.

Many of us like to drink a glass or two of wine, red wine being my personal favourite (French Bordeaux). Unfortunately for me and lots of you reading this post wine can trigger urticaria (Hives) due to it containing high levels of a substance called ‘Sulfite’.

Sulfites are a natural byproduct of yeast which is part of the fermentation process?& exist in both red & white wine, although levels seem to be higher in red. If you do a little more research on this you will find many sites talking about wine allergies, the truth is wine or the sulfites in wine are just another trigger for hives. So you could just stop drinking wine altogether, but why should you, if your like me and you enjoy a glass of wine then take a look at ‘Organic wine’.

Organic wine tends to contain less sulfites, less chemicals & no pesticides although it still contains some sulfites. If you really would like a glass or two of wine or you have a special occasion approaching here’s what I suggest you do, Avoid eating/ consuming anything wheat based for two days prior to drinking wine, for those two days try to drink at least 2 litres of bottled water. This will work in many cases but not all so i suggest you experiment first.

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