Urticaria Remedy-Simple Urticaria Cure #1

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Urticaria Remedies

If you have read much of my blog you will already know that what works for one urticaria sufferer may not work for another, you can purchase a complete urticaria treatment plan as I did, but yes it costs and I know that not everyone is comfortable buying treatment plans or publications online.

Although I’m not able to divulge the contents of the publication and it’s subsequent treatment plan I have decided to put up a few more posts which contain urticaria remedies, most of which I either tried or looked into before I purchased the above mentioned publication.

I can’t say I had complete success with these remedies, If I had, then I wouldn’t have continued looking, having said that we are all very different & although I had little success you might have great results, certainly worth a try, don’t you think?

Simple Urticaria Remedy #1

The following method is so easy and cheap it’s almost farcical, but it helps & it should be incorporated into almost any natural treatment regime, maybe even used with a traditional urticaria treatment.

Bottled water urticaria remedyWater..
Really, plain old water, but not from the tap.

You need to drink bottled mineral water daily & not just a glass or two, you need to drink 2 litres of bottled water on a daily basis. Here’s why,.. you see for many of us suffering with chronic urticaria the condition started small and infrequent and grew into the chronic condition over time, the reason for this in part is a build up of toxins which eventually coat the gastrointestinal wall tract. These toxins are normally just residue from things like food which to most people are completely harmless, but for people like you and I the residue build up can make us more and more intolerant of allergens.

By drinking lots of bottled water you are effectively flushing the toxins from your body, making you more tolerant of hidden or known allergens. This is of course great in theory & it does have an effect, but it wasn’t really an outright urticaria cure for me, but as I said it might be for you.

Remember..Bottled water only..NOT TAP WATER

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>>Natural Urticaria Treatment<<

Urticaria Cure-Natural Urticaria Treatment & Control

urticaria cure

urticaria cure

No Cure for Urticaria

I hesitate when using the term urticaria cure, simply because there is nothing that truly can be considered an urticaria cure, at least not 100% and certainly not in the case of most of us who have suffered with chronic urticaria on an almost daily basis.

Having said that there is control, & by learning to control your hives you are gaining the relief you require, you will no doubt have noticed I said learn to control in the proceeding text, this is because I personally only advocate the use of natural methods to control my condition.

Quicker Results
Of course everyone is different and entitled to their own opinion in regards of natural urticaria treatments but after suffering for a long time with the chronic condition while trying virtually everything that popped into a string of doctors heads without success I found that adopting a natural approach to treating?my condition?quickly delivered the results I had been looking for for years.

Natural urticaria treatments are not for everyone, this is mainly due to the fact that there is no instant hives cure, you cant just take some herbal tablet and expect to see noticeable results within hours, although I’m sure there are those that would tell you different.

Urticaria remedies Require Commitment

Treating?hives using a natural method or remedy takes a little time and a little commitment, I found myself trying all sorts of weird and strange things to try and shake off my urticaria with varying degrees of success until finally ending up following Kate Andrews urticaria treatment plan, I really don’t want to turn this post into any kind of sales pitch, so If your interested in her approach click the banner to the right, otherwise keep checking back for more information on urticaria cures.

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