Treating Hives Using Acupuncture

Treating Hives with acupunture

Tips On Treating Hives

I don’t need to tell you how annoying chronic hives are, still I guess it’s hard for people who have never suffered with the condition to understand. I wanted to post a few natural tips here for treating hives, although these tips for treating hives may not work for everyone I do hope that they may help some of you.


OK, lets get started, just today I received a comment form a reader who found some relief through the use of Acupuncture and by utilizing Chinese herbs. I’m talking here about something I have not personally tried so I have no idea exactly how effective this method of treating hives actually is. The comment comes from a lady called Anna who has been suffering with chronic hives for around one year, her condition seemed to begin after having her Appendix removed, Chronic hives (urticaria), often starts to be a problem after some sort of trauma.

Anne’s chronic hives became so bad that she had to be taken into hospital on more than one occasion due to her condition swelling out of control, this is probably the symptoms of a closely linked condition which often starts at the same time as a bad attack of hives known as ‘Giant Urticaria’ or to give it it’s medical name ‘Angioedema’. Reading through Anne’s comment it seems apparent that she tried lots of ways of treating hives, but it looks like nothing worked until she tried Acupuncture.

Japanese Acupuncture for Treating Hives

Since using acupuncture (Japanese acupuncture) as a way of treating hives, Anne has been able to stop using medication to control her chronic hives. As I said above, I have no experience of using acupuncture as a hives treatment, but it seems apparent that the method may offer hives relief for some people. Thank you for your comment Anne, very helpful.

You can read Anne’s comment on using acupuncture as a way of treating hives by visiting the comments area.