Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria-The Main Reason For Our Ongoing Urticaria .. Part 2

The term chronic idiopathic utricaria is used to describe the condition shared by many of us, what it basically means is an ongoing chronic urticaria (hives) condition which has no obvious or known trigger.

Chronic Urticaria-Traditional Urticaria Medicine.



Chronic urticaria-Pills Won't work

The truth is there may be lots of triggers which bring on repeated episodes of urticaria, unfortunately as far as traditional medicine is concerned, Chronic Urticaria is still categorised as little more than an allergy, which I have to say really annoyed me, sure an allergy is a trivial thing, but when your face and head is covered in wheels and lumps on an almost daily basis, well then I think it’s gone way past being a simple allergy.


If any of this is sounding familiar, then you probably got tired of the inadequate medical help, I was taking Antihistamine for years on a daily basis which in the end offered no relief at all.

Prescribed steroids helped for a while, but we all know that you cant keep taking those things, plus they gave me a bloated face like a goldfish holding it’s breath.

Chronic Urticaria-Quick Fix

Cortisone shots, they really do take down the swelling, and although too many aren’t good for you, I did pester my doctor on a few occasions for a shot, reluctantly he obliged.

But these are all quick fixes to a problem which lies much deeper. Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria is for many (including me) a result of something called Autoimmune disease (disorder). It still takes something to trigger the condition hence the allergy connection.

I’m sure there are a few Doctors or professionals who will read this and say ?what rubbish?, & perhaps I am barking up the wrong tree, but I’m the one who lived with chronic urticaria daily for years before I learned how to address the underlying problems.

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What Causes Chronic Urticaria

For many years my urticaria condition remained little more than an occasional inconvenience. I tried seeing the doctor a few times early on, but usually by the time I did get an appointment the urticaria wheels had normally gone, and to be honest the couple of times I did get to see the doctor were really just a waste of time.


chronic urticaria

Although they say that at sometime in almost everyone’s life they will experience an outbreak of hives (urticaria), they often forget to mention that the unlucky few may be saddled with some form of urticaria for the rest of their lives.

Chronic Urticaria Triggers



While lots of people may experience a rash like symptom to numerous allergens such as Strawberries or Shellfish for example, lots more of us develop unsightly wheels, swellings and rashes on an almost daily basis, and with no obvious trigger. Perhaps this is you?, It was certainly me for a very long time.. you probably already know that this type of urticaria is known or referred to as idiopathic urticaria or if the condition is with you a lot then it is called Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

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