Why Your Doctor Can’t Cure Your Hives

Why Hives Treatments Fail

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Of course when you suffer with any condition the first place you seek help is your doctor, it stands to reason doesn’t it. Unfortunately your doctor may not be the best place to start looking for advice on how to cure chronic hives.

I know from experiences how ineffective modern medicine is in regard of treating hives, I spent many years in and out of the doctors and hospitals and yet after years of trying one thing after another my condition was actually worse, & here’s why:

Hives TreatmentMost of what your doctor prescribes for treating hives are synthetic drugs which are designed to mask the hives symptoms, it really is great to lose the symptoms so quickly, however it’s not so great when they keep coming back & they usually do.

Traditonal Hives treatment

Hives treatments such as Antihistamine & Steroid based medications are symptomatic drugs, this means they are only ever meant to treat the hives symptoms. While using such medication on a regular basis can often help you through each day, the long term effect can be problematic due to toxic build up left by the drugs which for some people make their hives much worse.

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