Are Herbs a Cure for Chronic Urticaria?

Natural chronic urticaria treatments

Natural Chronic Urticaria Treatments

Due to a growing disgust with many modern medical practices and an inability for standard medications to provide relief, many people with chronic urticaria are investigating alternative means of treatment.? Some claim that herbs can be a cure for hives.? Is there any truth to this argument?

That question defies a simple ?yes? or ?no? answer.? Herbs can play a role in combating the symptoms of urticaria for some people and they can even be a part of other naturalist solutions to the problem.? At the same time, it?s unlikely that the use of traditional herbs, in and of itself, will serve as a cure for hives.

Which Herbs To treat Chronic Urticaria?

The cases in which herbs are most effective involve individuals who experience outbreaks of hives as an allergic reaction.? In these situations, the right herbs can reduce skin irritation and itchiness by serving as a natural alternative to mass-produced anti-histamine products.? Herbs like Forsythia extract and Paeonia naturally reduce the body?s production of histamines, which can be enough to help those minor cases of the hives.

In that sense, herbs are on the same level as a standard antihistamine.? While some people with minor allergies may be willing to proclaim them a cure for hives, those who deal with more severe cases of chronic urticaria will immediately recognize the limitations of that kind of herbal solution.? It just won?t work for many of those who need help the most.

Herbs can be a part of a larger approach to chronic urticaria treatments:

Herbs can be a part of a larger approach to chronic hives that may resolve the problem, however.? A growing school of thought understands

natural urticaria remedy

hives to be the byproduct of the immune system?s efforts to deal with the build up of toxins and micro-parasites within the body.? This perspective argues that the best way of dealing with hives isn?t to merely bombard it with more foreign substances and toxins in the form of medications, but to help the body deal with the underlying toxicity that?s creating the welts and irritations in the first place.

In this model, herbs can be helpful.? Green tea, for instance, has recognized detoxifying tendencies that may be of some assistance when combined with a more comprehensive, natural approach to the malady.

So, are herbs a cure for Chronic urticaria??

So, are herbs a cure for hives?? Not quite.? They can resolve minor cases or reduce the irritation of symptoms for some people, but they are unlikely to provide much relief for those who deal with more chronic difficulties unless they?re used as part of a larger plan.? Keep that in mind before you take the advice of any well-intended herbalist trying to convince you to invest in an herbal cure for hives.

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