Who am I?

Dear friends, My names Debbie, that’s me over there on the right.

So who am I?, well I’m no one special, I’m just another chronic urticaria sufferer, probably just like you?. I’ve spent an awful lot of my time and quite a bit of money over the years trying to beat my chronic urticaria condition.

After trying more urticaria (hive) cures & remedies than I care to recall, I was lucky enough to find something that worked for me, that’s not to say it will work for everyone & it might not work for you, but this blog is here for you. I know how difficult it is to find good advice on dealing with chronic urticaria, so with the help of other sufferers I’ve decided to put this chronic urticaria blog on the internet.

I hope you enjoy reading through, more importantly I hope you find something you can use to stop your chronic urticaria. For this blog to work and provide helpful advice and recommendations it is important to hear from as many urticaria sufferers as possible, so I would really appreciate your comments, links, advice..in fact anything urticaria related, you may even leave a link to a relevant website (But No Spam)

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  • Shop Wine and Spirits says:

    Awesome Blog, thanks for sharing. I’ve developed uritcaria (an all over itchy skin rash) in the last couple of months, as a side effect from a medication I’m on, any tips?

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