Why Your Doctor Can’t Cure Your Hives

Why Hives Treatments Fail

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Of course when you suffer with any condition the first place you seek help is your doctor, it stands to reason doesn’t it. Unfortunately your doctor may not be the best place to start looking for advice on how to cure chronic hives.

I know from experiences how ineffective modern medicine is in regard of treating hives, I spent many years in and out of the doctors and hospitals and yet after years of trying one thing after another my condition was actually worse, & here’s why:

Hives TreatmentMost of what your doctor prescribes for treating hives are synthetic drugs which are designed to mask the hives symptoms, it really is great to lose the symptoms so quickly, however it’s not so great when they keep coming back & they usually do.

Traditonal Hives treatment

Hives treatments such as Antihistamine & Steroid based medications are symptomatic drugs, this means they are only ever meant to treat the hives symptoms. While using such medication on a regular basis can often help you through each day, the long term effect can be problematic due to toxic build up left by the drugs which for some people make their hives much worse.

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Urticaria Remedy-Simple Urticaria Cure #1

natural urticaria remedy

Urticaria Remedies

If you have read much of my blog you will already know that what works for one urticaria sufferer may not work for another, you can purchase a complete urticaria treatment plan as I did, but yes it costs and I know that not everyone is comfortable buying treatment plans or publications online.

Although I’m not able to divulge the contents of the publication and it’s subsequent treatment plan I have decided to put up a few more posts which contain urticaria remedies, most of which I either tried or looked into before I purchased the above mentioned publication.

I can’t say I had complete success with these remedies, If I had, then I wouldn’t have continued looking, having said that we are all very different & although I had little success you might have great results, certainly worth a try, don’t you think?

Simple Urticaria Remedy #1

The following method is so easy and cheap it’s almost farcical, but it helps & it should be incorporated into almost any natural treatment regime, maybe even used with a traditional urticaria treatment.

Bottled water urticaria remedyWater..
Really, plain old water, but not from the tap.

You need to drink bottled mineral water daily & not just a glass or two, you need to drink 2 litres of bottled water on a daily basis. Here’s why,.. you see for many of us suffering with chronic urticaria the condition started small and infrequent and grew into the chronic condition over time, the reason for this in part is a build up of toxins which eventually coat the gastrointestinal wall tract. These toxins are normally just residue from things like food which to most people are completely harmless, but for people like you and I the residue build up can make us more and more intolerant of allergens.

By drinking lots of bottled water you are effectively flushing the toxins from your body, making you more tolerant of hidden or known allergens. This is of course great in theory & it does have an effect, but it wasn’t really an outright urticaria cure for me, but as I said it might be for you.

Remember..Bottled water only..NOT TAP WATER

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Urticaria Cure-Natural Urticaria Treatment & Control

urticaria cure

urticaria cure

No Cure for Urticaria

I hesitate when using the term urticaria cure, simply because there is nothing that truly can be considered an urticaria cure, at least not 100% and certainly not in the case of most of us who have suffered with chronic urticaria on an almost daily basis.

Having said that there is control, & by learning to control your hives you are gaining the relief you require, you will no doubt have noticed I said learn to control in the proceeding text, this is because I personally only advocate the use of natural methods to control my condition.

Quicker Results
Of course everyone is different and entitled to their own opinion in regards of natural urticaria treatments but after suffering for a long time with the chronic condition while trying virtually everything that popped into a string of doctors heads without success I found that adopting a natural approach to treating?my condition?quickly delivered the results I had been looking for for years.

Natural urticaria treatments are not for everyone, this is mainly due to the fact that there is no instant hives cure, you cant just take some herbal tablet and expect to see noticeable results within hours, although I’m sure there are those that would tell you different.

Urticaria remedies Require Commitment

Treating?hives using a natural method or remedy takes a little time and a little commitment, I found myself trying all sorts of weird and strange things to try and shake off my urticaria with varying degrees of success until finally ending up following Kate Andrews urticaria treatment plan, I really don’t want to turn this post into any kind of sales pitch, so If your interested in her approach click the banner to the right, otherwise keep checking back for more information on urticaria cures.

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Urticaria-Wine Allergy

Urticaria Wine Allergy

urticaria-wine allergyDear Readers

First let me thank you all for reading, it really is great to see my little urticaria blog grow in popularity, thank you all, & please keep posting your comments & questions.

I wanted to do a few quick posts on very common urticaria causes or triggers which I hope will help you reduce your urticaria outbreaks.

Urticaria Caused by Wine.

Many of us like to drink a glass or two of wine, red wine being my personal favourite (French Bordeaux). Unfortunately for me and lots of you reading this post wine can trigger urticaria (Hives) due to it containing high levels of a substance called ‘Sulfite’.

Sulfites are a natural byproduct of yeast which is part of the fermentation process?& exist in both red & white wine, although levels seem to be higher in red. If you do a little more research on this you will find many sites talking about wine allergies, the truth is wine or the sulfites in wine are just another trigger for hives. So you could just stop drinking wine altogether, but why should you, if your like me and you enjoy a glass of wine then take a look at ‘Organic wine’.

Organic wine tends to contain less sulfites, less chemicals & no pesticides although it still contains some sulfites. If you really would like a glass or two of wine or you have a special occasion approaching here’s what I suggest you do, Avoid eating/ consuming anything wheat based for two days prior to drinking wine, for those two days try to drink at least 2 litres of bottled water. This will work in many cases but not all so i suggest you experiment first.

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Urticaria, Hives-Urticaria Overview

What Is Urticaria

chronic urticaria

Urticaria is the medical term used to describe a skin condition more commonly known as Hives. Uticaria or Hives normally manifest as? wheal’s (welts), red lesions with a red “flare” at the borders & appear on the skin,?the rash?can occur anywhere on the body, however it is quite rare to have hives on the bottom of your feet.

In many cases, the urticarial wheal’s go away within 2-24 hours and are not considered serious. It is estimated that 15% of all people will develop urticaria at some point in their lives. Urticaria usually falls into two categories the most common of which is acute hives which often disappear almost as soon as they arrive, the other more serious form of the condition is chronic hives/ urticaria.

The chronic version of the condition can plague a sufferer for years in some cases, but is determined as chronic after a six week period. Of those with chronic hives, some 80% are idiopathic, the medical term which means that no cause, allergic or otherwise, can be determined.

In hives, a chemical called histamine is released from the cells in the skin. This causes fluid from blood vessels underneath the surface of your skin to leak out. This results in the raised patches (wheal’s) that you see on the surface of your skin. The histamine also causes the wheal’s to itch.

If urticaria affects the deeper layers of skin, it can cause even larger swellings, called angioedema or giant urticaria. Urticaria and angioedema can occur together or separately.

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Treating Hives Using Acupuncture

Treating Hives with acupunture

Tips On Treating Hives

I don’t need to tell you how annoying chronic hives are, still I guess it’s hard for people who have never suffered with the condition to understand. I wanted to post a few natural tips here for treating hives, although these tips for treating hives may not work for everyone I do hope that they may help some of you.


OK, lets get started, just today I received a comment form a reader who found some relief through the use of Acupuncture and by utilizing Chinese herbs. I’m talking here about something I have not personally tried so I have no idea exactly how effective this method of treating hives actually is. The comment comes from a lady called Anna who has been suffering with chronic hives for around one year, her condition seemed to begin after having her Appendix removed, Chronic hives (urticaria), often starts to be a problem after some sort of trauma.

Anne’s chronic hives became so bad that she had to be taken into hospital on more than one occasion due to her condition swelling out of control, this is probably the symptoms of a closely linked condition which often starts at the same time as a bad attack of hives known as ‘Giant Urticaria’ or to give it it’s medical name ‘Angioedema’. Reading through Anne’s comment it seems apparent that she tried lots of ways of treating hives, but it looks like nothing worked until she tried Acupuncture.

Japanese Acupuncture for Treating Hives

Since using acupuncture (Japanese acupuncture) as a way of treating hives, Anne has been able to stop using medication to control her chronic hives. As I said above, I have no experience of using acupuncture as a hives treatment, but it seems apparent that the method may offer hives relief for some people. Thank you for your comment Anne, very helpful.

You can read Anne’s comment on using acupuncture as a way of treating hives by visiting the comments area.

Urticaria Treatment – A Quick Urticaria Remedy

By Debbie Pipter

Urticaria Treatment

Who Needs an Urticaria Treatment?

For many people Urticaria is a straight forward allergy…or is it? Through most peoples lives they will at some point experience an episode of Urticaria, the cause of such an outbreak might be something as simple as eating fresh berries such as strawberries, or perhaps an occurrence of Urticaria may be attributed to the use of a cosmetic or perfume, either way an Urticaria treatment is seldom required or sought.

In most cases these types of Urticaria outbreaks are referred to as acute. The Urticaria symptoms may appear as the direct result of a specific allergen and may dissipate just as quick. As mentioned most people will develop an allergic reaction such as skin hives (Urticaria) at some point.

The problems begin when Urticaria starts to become more frequent, and perhaps more worrying for no obvious reason, this type of Urticaria is normally referred to as idiopathic Urticaria. Even infrequent episodes of acute uticaria can be cause for some concern as they are often an early warning sign of the more serious condition called chronic Urticaria, which may become a problem later in life, this is when people start looking for an effective urticaria treatment.

This is how things developed for me, It started out with the occasional acute uticaria outbreak and then proceeded to grow worse as I got older, until my condition turned into chronic Urticaria and became a real problem, one I had to live with on an almost daily basis to varying degrees.This was when I began my search for an Urticaria treatment that would help my condition.

The following details are some of the methods I tried or had prescribed in pursuit of an Urticaria treatment. I will say that although some offered me some relief others weren’t as helpful, but that’s not to say they wont help you with your condition or at least offer some relief or reduction in your Urticaria symptoms.

Traditional Urticaria Treatment:

As far as traditional medicine goes, urticaria treatments are limited. In actual fact these aren’t even real urticaria treatments at all, what they are, are methods of reducing symptoms of the condition. While these symptomatic methods may seem like a good idea at the time of the urticaria outbreak they seldom achieve any lasting results, plus it’s also true to say that prolonged use of certain drugs can actually make chronic uticaria far worse.

Symptomatic urticaria treatments include the following:

  • Antihistamine is always at the top of the list of medication used to control urticaria outbreaks, there’s nothing wrong with antihistamines and they can prove effective in treating acute uticaria, but they are no match for an ongoing condition.
  • The chronic version of the condition may respond better to a course of steroids, although this still isn’t a long term option for a chronic condition.
  • For very quick relief & in limited cases your doctor may even give you a cortisone injection to disperse a serious attack when nothing else is working. However in my experience it is difficult to get your doctor to go straight for a shot, my doctor preferred to keep prescribing further courses of steroids (UK)

An urticaria treatment which might help:

I still wouldn’t call the following method a real cure, but as a short to medium term urticaria treatment this might help. I used the following combination for several weeks with some degree of success, until I found something better.

Use a combination of H1 & H2 Antihistamines to control your urticaria:

Taking a combination of prescribed H1 and over the counter H2 antihistamines worked well for me for some time, I know it has also helped many more people suffering with urticaria in the short term. You could try this method to control your chronic urticaria, especially if you have any type of event or special occasion coming up. I would point out however that this method should not be continued over long periods as the toxins from the medication may do you more harm than good. Although, not a long term urticaria treatment-this may help.

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Urticaria Treatment

New year message

I’d just like to quickly wish all of my readers & fellow urticaria sufferers a very happy & healthy new year.

Chronic urticaria-Autoimmune Urticaria


Many of us suffer with chronic urticaria and in most cases our urticaria condition is called idiopathic urticaria, this is a big word which simply describes the fact that our chronic urticaria has no obvious reason.

After reading urticaria article after article and getting hold of a self help urticaria remedy, it became apparent that chronic urticaria in many cases is actually the result of an autoimmune disorder much like rheumatoid arthritis.

My Recent Chronic Urticaria Symptoms-Chronic Urticaria & Angiodema..Part 2

Hello again, sorry to split these chronic urticaria?posts up, I kind of start off all fired up, but then after typing for about half an hour I lose some momentum, plus I often think people get board of reading after a while, don’t you think.

OK, let’s continue talking about my chronic urticaria symptoms.. By the way I don’t mean this to be self indulgent, I just figured it might help urticaria sufferers who feel isolated or feel like their the only ones with the condition, that’s how I used to feel.


Recent Chronic Urticaria Symptoms:

My infrequent but severe urticaria-angiodema episodes continued for over 15 years, sometimes the urticaria attacks happened every couple of months, but more often the problem only occurred a couple of times a year. This same condition continued into my mid 30′s and then seemed to stop for around 18 months, no idea why, possibly a change in hormonal balance, who knows?.

I didn’t give this urticaria free period much thought at the time, mainly due to the fact that my urticaria condition was on the whole sporadic and infrequent.

But some time later I found myself wishing my urticaria condition had stayed the same, yes they were severe, but at least I knew that once the urticaria/angiodema attack had gone through it’s cycle I would be free for months. It was like the severe attacks were the body’s way of burning up all the harmful toxins and revitalizing me.

After this quite period things took a turn for the worse & I found myself living with chronic urticaria on a daily basis. I can’t be sure why the urticaria started again & neither could my doctor or the dermatologists, the best analogy I received was as follows.


Does This Best Describe Chronic Urticaria?

Imagine your body as a glass, the glass will only hold so much liquid, when the glass is full the liquid will spill out of the glass.

Now compare that to your body, We know that certain things irritate or act as an allergen for some and not for others, these factors are often referred to as toxins, the body is in many cases unable to dissipate many of these toxins (irritants), leaving them to build up, chronic urticaria could be the result of the body’s metaphorical glass spilling over because it’s full. Thus the chronic urticaria.

Of course there’s quite a lot more to it, but I happen to subscribe to the above analogy, it certainly explained a lot to me.

Getting back to my later chronic urticaria symptoms, well, this time they were different, I suffered with chronic idiopathic urticaria almost every single day. I didn’t get the urticaria wheals and swelling all over my body as before.

Chronic Urticaria Every Day…

No, from this point on my chronic urticaria manifested itself daily on my face and head. I suffered daily with lumps under my hair, urticaria wheals (rings) behind my ears and the back of my neck, on my forehead and down each side of my face were either lumps which looked like I had just been hit with a large piece of wood or something, or urticaria wheal, which were more like welts as they were still round but all the same colour.

These welts grew and merged like before, sometimes growing into large angiodema type swelling (lumps), only staying to on the side of my face and forehead, (I know, weird). Occasionally I would get swelling at the bridge of my nose and into the corner of my eyes, plus smaller lumps dotted here and there over the rest of my face (these were more like large under the skin spots)

So there you have it, these were my daily chronic urticaria symptoms, some days were worse than others, but there was hardly a day that went past without some form of urticarial rash on either my face, head or both, & that’s how it was for over a decade until I found a solution.


solar urticaria

The Sun Really Helped My Urticaria

-Until I Started Suffering With Solar Urticaria as well..

The only time the urticarial rash would disappear or become less of a problem was when I took my two week holiday in the sun, Apparently the high levels of Vitamin d absorbed via the suns UV really helps & it did for many years, until I developed a linked condition called Solar Urticaria.

Within 3 days of being in the sun I would come out thousands of tiny little hives all over my chest, shoulders and back, which basically stopped me being in the sun.. At this point I realised that I really had to do something about my chronic urticarial condition… That is apart from the normal traditional stuff, which in my case just didn’t work.

I should point out that Solar urticaria is not a major problem for me as I know it is for some chronic urticaria sufferers, mine only appears after about 2-3 days in the sun.

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Natural Urticaria Treatment for Chronic Urticaria

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